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Cookbook: from TCC to TCC/LE

Discussion in 'TCC/LE Support' started by Stefano Piccardi, May 31, 2008.

  1. Stefano Piccardi

    Stefano Piccardi

    I'm starting this thread for people who are interested in a cookbook of recipes to combine TCC/LE commands so that they achieve the same result of a command that only TCC/TCMD (pay version) provides.

    Please feel free to reply to this thread with your own recipes. I'm suggesting a cookbook format:
    • Concise title/purpose
    • TCC/TCMD command - with precise command-line switches
    • TCC/LE command(s) - equivalent to the command above
    • Concise explanation (optional)
  2. Stefano Piccardi

    Stefano Piccardi

    And here's the first one:
    Skip first 10 lines of "file"
    TAIL /N+10 /N 99999 "file"
    FFIND /+10 ////E"^.?" "file"
    Output contents of "file" from line 11 to EOF for files with <= 99999 lines

    /E"^.?" should match all start-of-line sequences, thus it should work even for files that aren't properly terminated with an end-of-line (EOL) sequence (CRLF), or with linux formatted files (EOL=LF). If you know that your file is properly formatted with EOL=CRLF then you might prefer using
    FFIND /+10 ////T"^r^n" "file"
    which is faster and even works with the /R (reverse) option.

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