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Upgrading Take Command to v14 and Beyond

There is some confusion about the upgrade policy when upgrading from v13 or earlier to v14, and what changes have been made for versions following v14.

For all versions prior to v14 (all the way back to the second version of 4DOS in 1990), JP Software's policy was to provide free updates if you ordered the previous version within 60 days of a new release, or if you had an active Extended Support license. Everyone else had to pay the normal upgrade price.

We have changed this starting with Take Command v14. Everyone who orders a v14 license (upgrade or new copy) will receive all future major (and minor) updates free for one year. After one year, you can either choose to pay for an upgrade and get updates for another year (this is the "subscription"), or you can let your subscription lapse and wait until you're ready to order another upgrade (and get another year of updates). Upgrading a significantly out-of-date subscription will be slightly more expensive.

There are two reasons for this change:

  1. We want to release updates more often -- instead of waiting a year for a major new version with 300 new features, we will be releasing updates every 2-3 months with 50+ new features.
  2. It's a better deal for you -- users will get almost all of the benefits of our former Extended Support plan, at no extra cost. (The only thing missing will be private phone support, which is still available to our multisystem corporate customers.)

We have already sent v14 license keys to all our Extended Support customers, and anyone who ordered Take Command v13 within the last 60 days. If you didn't receive your key (a few were bounced back by mail servers), please contact us and we will resend it.

Tip of the Month -- TPIPE

TPIPE is the biggest new feature in Take Command v14 -- so big, and with so many options, that it can be hard to even begin to understand everything that it can do. We are working on some tutorials and videos featuring TPIPE that we will be featuring on our website. In the meantime let's look at just one of the TPIPE options.

/Simple includes nearly 80 different file manipulation options.  For example, to remove all blank lines within a file called "myinput.txt":

TPIPE /input=myinput.txt /output=myoutput.txt /simple=10

To remove multiple whitespace:

TPIPE /input=myinput.txt /output=myoutput.txt /simple=19

To convert a file from ASCII to Unicode:

TPIPE /input=myinput.txt /output=myoutput.txt /simple=44

And you can combine multiple /simple options in a single command line.  For example, to remove all binary characters, and remove leading and trailing blanks (enter this on one line):

TPIPE /input=myinput.txt /output=myoutput.txt /simple=10 /simple=11 /simple=12

/Simple can also change the character chase, convert ASCII to and from EBCDIC or Unicode, reverse lines, MIME encode and decode, XX encode and decode, convert Word or Excel files to text, convert to and from Big Endian / Little Endian, extract URLs, HTTP encode and decode, and many, many more.

See TPIPE in the Take Command v14 online help for a better idea of the remarkable scope of this command.

Evaluating and Ordering Take Command v14

Take Command v14.00.30 is the current release. You can see the full list of new features in v14 on the What’s New page in the v14 online help.

Upgrading from any prior version of Take Command, TCC, 4NT or 4DOS is only $49.95, and includes free updates to all new versions of Take Command for one year.  We are discontinuing the Extended Support option; all existing Extended Support customers will continue receiving free updates until their contract expires.

Download Take Command v14.0 30 day trial version
Download Take Command v14.0 x64 30 day trial version

Buy Take Command v14.0 at our web store

Offer 1 -- As an added inducement, we are allowing current users of Take Command or TCC / 4NT to purchase additional licenses at the upgrade price, including volume discounts. That's right, instead of $99.95 for additional licenses, you can get them for $49.95 or less. So if you want to add some additional licenses, now is the time. For example, if you have 5 licenses of v12 and want to add an additional 5 licenses, just order 10 v14 upgrades and get them for the volume discount price of $36 per copy.

Offer 2 -- We are also offering a $30 discount on new copy prices if you go to our Facebook fan page (facebook.com/TakeCommand). The price is only $69.95 after discount. Feel free to forward this email to friends you think might benefit from the power of Take Command.