December 2011

Welcome to our December 2011 newsletter.  2011 has been a busy year at JP Software.  We've been busy "reinventing" JP Software and Take Command, as we rolled out a completely revamped web site, web store, support forums, and a couple of major updates.  We'd like to thank all of our customers for helping to make this a great year!

New Feature Requests

We're starting the design for the next major update of Take Command.  If you have something you'd like to see added (or if you want to support somebody else's suggestion), click on the orange Feedback tab on the left margin of any of our web or forum pages.

The VIEW command in Take Command v13

The VIEW command in TCC

Take Command v13 introduced two major UI changes.  We talked about one of them (Command Dialogs) in October.  This month, we'll introduce you to the VIEW command.

LIST, the text and hex file viewer in Take Command, dates back 20 years to the 4DOS / 4NT days. The internal LIST command is relatively small, fast, handles large files, and you can search using wildcards, hex values, and regular expressions.  But LIST has suffered from the inevitable feature creep more than most other internal commands — it was never designed to handle the additional options that users are demanding now.  And the advent of Take Command's tabbed windows made LIST’s drawbacks even more pronounced, making it painfully obvious that LIST was still a console mode command that was uncomfortably stuffed into a GUI window.

Rather than spend months rewriting LIST to make a "pretty good" viewer, we decided to go for the best file viewer available for Windows.  We licensed the V File Viewer (written by Charles Prineas) and integrated it into Take Command v13 as the VIEW command.

VIEW supports the existing LIST options, and adds hundreds of new features, including:

  • Unlimited file sizes
  • A toolbar with the commonly used functions
  • Text, hex, and combined display modes
  • Split windows allow you to view different parts of the same file in separate windows
  • Synchronized scrolling
  • Rulers (fixed or floating) and gridlines
  • Wrap to screen, line length, or word boundary
  • Many printing options (including configurable headers and footers, and 2-up printing)
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts

And much, much more. If you haven't tried Take Command v13 or VIEW yet, give it a try -- we think it will become your new favorite command.

Take Command v13 Upgrades

Take Command v13.01.32 is the current release. You can see the full list of new features in v13 on the What’s New page in the v13 online help.

Upgrading from any prior version of Take Command, TCC, 4NT or 4DOS is only $49.95.

Download Take Command v13.0 30 day trial version
Download Take Command v13.0 x64 30 day trial version
Buy Take Command v13.0 at our web store

Offer 1 -- As an added inducement, we are allowing current users of Take Command or TCC / 4NT to purchase additional licenses at the upgrade price, including volume discounts. That's right, instead of $99.95 for additional licenses, you can get them for $49.95 or less. So if you want to add some additional licenses, now is the time. For example, if you have 5 licenses and want to add an additional 5, just order 10 upgrades and get them for the volume discount price of $36 per copy.

Offer 2 -- We are also offering a "Friends and Family" $30 discount on new copy prices using discount code "FandF30". The price is only $69.95 after discount. Feel free to forward this email to friends you think might benefit from the power of Take Command.