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Take Command 17.0 Released

JP Software has released Take Command 17.0. After the major UI changes in 16.0, we have made even more changes to the internals for 17.0.

Take Command, TCC, and the IDE / Batch Debugger have been rewritten to remove almost all limitaitons on file, line, and argument sizes (other than those imposed by the Windows APIs, and the amount of available RAM).  At the same time, we have reduced the amount of RAM used by Take Command and TCC by a minimum of 10x to as much as 100x (depending on the operation), and optimized the parser to make TCC even faster. A happy additional benefit of the rewrite is that everything is easier to debug and more reliable.

Some other new 17.0 features include:

  • Popup edit windows for aliases, environment variables, and variable functions.
  • TCC dialogs no longer block other tab windows.
  • 40 new or updated variable functions and internal variables.
  • A number of new TCC keyboard shortcuts, including keystrokes to increase the window size, move the console window, and change the font size.
  • 3 new internal commands.
  • 18 updated internal commands.
  • Alias and internal command command line completion.
  • Improved support for 4K monitors.
  • KEYSTACK and the Take Command tabbed toolbar support more special keys.
  • VIEW supports FTP and HTTP files.

and many more.  See the full feature list in the What's New in Version 17 section of the help.

Download Take Command 17.0 - 32-bit

Download Take Command 17.0 - 64-bit

25th Anniversary Pricing

To celebrate 25 years of JP Software's command processors, we've reduced the price for all new & upgrade copies of Take Command (including multisystem licenses) by 20%. This is a great opportunity to add licenses for additional systems (at the reduced upgrade price instead of the new copy price).

JP Software Online Store

This promotion ends on December 31, 2014.

Take Command 17.0 Upgrades

We sent Take Command 17.0 registration keys last week to everybody who bought a new or upgrade copy of Take Command within the past year. We did have some emails bounce for various reasons (account full, email no longer valid, etc.), so if you believe that you should have gotten a 17.0 upgrade key and didn't (and you already checked your spam folder), please contact support@jpsoft.com with your details.

Not everybody with a Take Command 16.0 key will get a 17.0 upgrade free -- if you originally ordered Take Command 15.0, you already received your 16.0 key as a free upgrade and it is unlikely your original order was within the last year.

Windows XP and 2003 Support Dropped in Take Command 17.0

Because many of the new 17.0 features could not be implemented in Windows XP (and because Microsoft has dropped support for XP), Take Command 17.0 will not run on XP or 2003. We still support XP and 2003 in Take Command 16.0 -- if you are running XP or 2003 on 15.0 or earlier, we recommend you update to 16.0. If you place an order for 17.0, we will send you a 16.0 license free upon request.