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January 2012

Welcome to our January 2012 newsletter.  The JP Software family would like to extend our best wishes for a great 2012 to all of our users.

We've got some exciting things in the queue for release this year.  Keep an eye out for announcements in our monthly newsletters or the JP Software blog.

Tip of the Month

In Take Command v13, all of the popup windows (history lists, filename completion, @select, etc) have an edit control on the toolbar.  Entering and editing a search string in the edit control  (or just by typing while the popup window has focus) will update the popup window by removing non-matching entries. The search string can also contain wildcards or regular expressions. 

For example, entering *jpsoft* in the edit control at the top of the window will select all matching lines that contain "jpsoft" anywhere on the line.

There's also four toolbar icons on the upper right that allow you to edit or delete history entries, or reorder the list.

New Feature Requests

We're currently designing the next major update of Take Command.  If you have something you'd like to see added (or if you want to support somebody else's suggestion), click on the orange Feedback tab on the left margin of any of our web or forum pages.

JP Software Support Forums Upgraded

If you haven't seen the JP Software forums recently, come and take a look around.  We switched the forum software from vBulletin to XenForo last month, and we're delighted with the results.

XenForo is 10x easier to configure, and now that we've gotten everything tuned up, the forums are running 270% faster than the best they could manage under vBulletin.  (And that's with more mods running than in vBulletin.)  The XenForo user interface is much cleaner and easier to use than vBulletin, and it abounds with nice little touches like the Alerts tab, bookmarks, and popup windows when you hover the mouse over a thread title.  And we've added optional avatars, so you can finally see who's posting those messages.

Take Command v13 Upgrades

Take Command v13.03.36 is the current release. You can see the full list of new features in v13 on the What’s New page in the v13 online help.

Upgrading from any prior version of Take Command, TCC, 4NT or 4DOS is only $49.95.

Download Take Command v13.0 30 day trial version
Download Take Command v13.0 x64 30 day trial version

Buy Take Command v13.0 at our web store

Offer 1 -- As an added inducement, we are allowing current users of Take Command or TCC / 4NT to purchase additional licenses at the upgrade price, including volume discounts. That's right, instead of $99.95 for additional licenses, you can get them for $49.95 or less. So if you want to add some additional licenses, now is the time. For example, if you have 5 licenses and want to add an additional 5, just order 10 upgrades and get them for the volume discount price of $36 per copy.

Offer 2 -- We are also offering a $30 discount on new copy prices if you go to our Facebook fan page (facebook.com/TakeCommand). The price is only $69.95 after discount. Feel free to forward this email to friends you think might benefit from the power of Take Command.