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Take Command 16.0 Public Beta

JP Software has just released the public beta for Take Command 16.0. This is primarily intended as a UI update, though there are a number of new features for TCC as well. The goal was to modernize the Take Command interface, providing more space for new options, and increasing the available tab window size.

Here’s a look at 16.0 (note that this shows everything in the non-hidden mode you can set the Folders, List View, and Command Input to autohide, or disable them completely).

Take Command 16 includes an easy to navigate ribbon menu, a number of new themes in various colors, a customizable Quick Options toolbar with drag & drop to the tabbed toolbar, more font options, and many other small but useful tweaks to the UI.

New TCC features include:

  • An internal Lua interpreter
  • Optional text-based popup windows (for servers with text only UI)
  • Command and directory histories now support wildcard matches
  • 10 new internal variables
  • 27 new or updated variable functions
  • Many new TPIPE options, including sorting
  • New 7ZIP / 7UNZIP commands
  • Undo/Redo options in TCC tab windows
  • More optimization for many internal commands (for example, ZIP is 500% faster)

and hundreds more.  See the full feature list in the "What's New in Version 16" section of the help.

If you ordered Take Command one year or less from the date of its release, you will automatically be updated to 16.0.  For example, if Take Command 16.0 is released on February 1, 2014, everybody who ordered on or after February 2, 2013 will receive a free update.

Download the Take Command 16.0 Public Beta - 32-bit

Download the Take Command 16.0 Public Beta - 64-bit

25 Years of Command Processors

JP Software is turning 25 this year!  We released 4DOS, our first command processor (for MS-DOS and PC-DOS) in 1989.  We followed up with 4OS2, 4NT, and many versions of Take Command. We'd like to pause for a moment to thank all of our users who have kept us going. (Many of them since the beginning!)

And we're not done yet -- we have a number of interesting ideas (see Take Command 16.0), but we need your help. Go to the JP Software Feedback Forum, add your suggestions, and vote for the ones you like best.