Take Command 19.0
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Take Command 19.0

We released Take Command 19.0 last month -- if you haven't tried it yet, you can download a fully functional evaluation version from our web site.

 You can see details of all the new features in Take Command 19.0 in our Online Help



Take Command 19.0 Updates

We sent free updates to v19 for all eligible users (anyone who ordered v18 within the last 90 days, or v17 within the last year) in December. If you think you should have received an update and haven't seen our email, or if you're unsure whether you're eligible for a free update, please contact us at support@jpsoft.com

19.0 Features You May Have Missed

This month we want to talk about a couple of the lesser-known new features in Take Command 19.0. 


The debugger has a new Profiler command in the Options menu. When the Profiler is on, it will display the elapsed time for each command in the margin immediately to the left of the command line, with a resolution of .01 seconds. This is a quick way to identify performance issues in your scripts:


SET (and SETARRAY) Types

SET and SETARRAY now allow you to specify the type of variable to create. Variable types allow you to better organize your batch variables and to prevent invalid input.  If you try to set a variable to an incompatible value, TCC will return an error.

The possible types are:

  • int (or 1)The variable can only contain 0-9
  • dec (or 2)The variable can only contain 0-9, the decimal character, and the thousands separator
  • hex (or 3)The variable can only contain 0-9 and A-F
  • bool (or 4)The variable can only contain 0 or 1
  • alpha (or 5)The variable can only contain A-Z and a-z
  • alnum (or 6)The variable can only contain A-Z, a-z, and 0-9
  • regex (or 7)The variable must match the specified regular expression

For example:

SET /T:1 intvar=123

SET intvar=abc

TCC: (SYS) Data supplied is of wrong type.  "intvar=abc"