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July 2012 - Take Command v14 Released

Version 14.0 of Take Command has been released and is available on our web site. Version 14 includes over 600 new features, including:

  • TPIPE is an extraordinarily powerful new command that allows you to filter, convert, substitute, extract, insert, encode, decode, format, and process files (and piped input) in a vast variety of ways. There are hundreds of options in TPIPE (far too many to list here) -- see the TPIPE help for full details.
  • Splitter windows in the Take Command tab windows, allowing you to simultaneously view different places in the tab window screen buffer.
  • 14 new variable functions and internal variables, including functions for regular expression back references, serial port access, and shared memory access.
  • The COPY, MOVE, and REN commands now support regular expression back references in the target name, allowing you great flexibility in creating target filenames.
  • The internal Internet commands and functions have been reworked and ported to a major new update of the IPWorks dll's.
  • New internal commands to create & switch desktops, and change the resolution and color depth of the display.

You can read the full list of the Take Command v14 new features and changes at What's New in Version 14.

All Take Command v14 orders (both upgrades and new copies) will receive free updates to all new versions of Take Command for one year.

We stand behind Take Command 100% -- if you are not completely satisfied with your individual copy of Take Command v14, return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Extended Support / Free Upgrade Keys for v14

We have already sent v14 license keys to all our Extended Support customers, and anyone who ordered Take Command v13 within the last 60 days.  If you didn't receive your key (a few were bounced back by mail servers), please contact us and we will resend it.

Take Command v14 Upgrades

Take Command v14.00.26 is the current release. You can see the full list of new features in v14 on the What’s New page in the v14 online help.

Upgrading from any prior version of Take Command, TCC, 4NT or 4DOS is only $49.95, and includes free updates to all new versions of Take Command for one year.  We are discontinuing the Extended Support option; all existing Extended Support customers will continue receiving free updates until their contract expires.

Download Take Command v14.0 30 day trial version
Download Take Command v14.0 x64 30 day trial version

Buy Take Command v14.0 at our web store

Offer 1 -- As an added inducement, we are allowing current users of Take Command or TCC / 4NT to purchase additional licenses at the upgrade price, including volume discounts. That's right, instead of $99.95 for additional licenses, you can get them for $49.95 or less. So if you want to add some additional licenses, now is the time. For example, if you have 5 licenses of v12 and want to add an additional 5 licenses, just order 10 v14 upgrades and get them for the volume discount price of $36 per copy.

Offer 2 -- We are also offering a $30 discount on new copy prices if you go to our Facebook fan page (facebook.com/TakeCommand). The price is only $69.95 after discount. Feel free to forward this email to friends you think might benefit from the power of Take Command.