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Take Command 15.0 Public Beta

JP Software has released the public beta for the latest version of Take Command.  Version 15.0 has more than 250 new features; you can see the full list on our web site at What's New - Version 15.

Take Command 15.0 will be a free update for anyone with a Take Command 14.0 license.  If you have a 13.0 (or earlier) license, you can upgrade to Take Command 15.0 for the usual $49.95 single copy price. (See our web site for volume discounts.) There are more than 600 new features since 13.0.

Take Command 15.0 includes:

  • Faster startup for Take Command, particularly when you have unavailable mapped nerwork drives
  • Support for the Windows PE environment
  • Support for the OpenAFS 1.7 redirector
  • Encrypted passwords in TCMD.INI
  • Undo / Redo for TCC command line editing
  • Support for Everything Search (including fuzzy directory searches)
  • Hotkey toggling Take Command to and from the system tray
  • More than 20 new and updated internal variables and variable functions
  • Many new options for TPIPE, including database filters, search and replace lists, and restriction and sub filters (which allow a restricted part of the input to be operated on by a group of filters, without affecting the entire input)
  • Multiple OSD windows
  • New IFTP options including IPV6, port ranges, extended passive mode, and Zlib compression
  • VIEW can display CSV files as tables
  • All known bugs and compatibility issues have been addressed
  • Expanded online help, with more examples

The Take Command v15.0 public beta is available on our web site at:

http://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/tcmdx64.exe (64-bit)

We are providing support for the public beta in our Support Forum.

TCC/LE 13.06 Released

JP Software just released an updated version of TCC/LE (our free subset of the TCC command processor).  TCC/LE 13.06 incorporates bug and compatibility fixes from Take Command v14 and v15.

Download TCC/LE 13.06
Download TCC/LE 13.06 x64

Take Command Educational Discounts

JP Software offers a 50% discount on Take Command (new copies and upgrades) to students and faculty. (You will need a .edu address to qualify.)

For information on how to order, contact us at support@jpsoft.com.

Evaluating and Ordering Take Command v14

Take Command 14.03.59 is the current release. Upgrading from any prior version of Take Command, TCC, 4NT or 4DOS is only $49.95 for a single copy, and includes free updates to all new versions of Take Command for one year (including version 15.0 when it is released).

Download Take Command v14.0 30 day trial version
Download Take Command v14.0 x64 30 day trial version

Buy Take Command v14.0 at our web store

Offer 1 -- We are offering current users of Take Command or TCC / 4NT the opportunity to purchase additional licenses at the upgrade price, including volume discounts. That's right, instead of $99.95 for additional licenses, you can get them for $49.95 or less. For example, if you have 5 licenses of v13 and want to add an additional 5 licenses, just order 10 v14 upgrades and get them for the volume discount price of $36 per copy.

Offer 2 -- We are also offering a $30 discount on new copy prices if you go to our Facebook fan page (facebook.com/TakeCommand). The price is only $69.95 after discount.