Take Command 19.10
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Take Command 19.10 Released

JP Software released Take Command 19.10 today.  19.10 is a free update for all 19.0 users, and you don't need a new key or to re-register. To update, go to the Take Command menu "Help / Check for Updates" and install the 19.10 update over your 19.0 installation. If you have any problems updating, please ask on the support forum (https://jpsoft.com/forums), or contact us at support@jpsoft.com

If you haven't tried Take Command 19 yet, you can download a fully functional evaluation version.  You can see the new features in version 19 in our Online Help


Take Command v19 Features You May Have Missed

Moving Tabbed Toolbar Buttons

The Take Command tabbed toolbar allows you to create up to 50 buttons on 20 toolbar tabs.  But what if you decide you want to reorder your buttons?  One approach is to manually edit the TCMD.INI file (undocumented and prone to error).  The easy way is to left click on the button you want to move while pressing the Alt key.  Drag the button to its new location and release the mouse button and Alt key.

Customizing the Quick Access Menu

Take Command v19 has a "quick access" menu on the left side of the caption bar. You can customize the buttons on the quick access menu by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the menu and selecting "More Commands / Quick Access".  Select the commands you want from the list on the left and select "add" to copy them to the quick access menu.

Adding a Menu Entry to a Tabbed Toolbar

You can add any of the Take Command menu entries to a tabbed toolbar by clicking on the down arrow on the right side of the quick access menu (on the caption bar), and selecting "More Commands / Commands".  Choose the category and command you want to copy and then drag it to the toolbar.