Take Command 20.0

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Last Chance for 20% Discount on 

Take Command 20.0

For the last few months, we've been running a 20% off special on Take Command new copies ($79.95 instead of $99.95 for single users) and upgrades ($39.95 instead of $49.95). The 20% discount is ending on October 1, 2016, so if you haven't ordered your Take Command 20.0 upgrade yet you only have a couple of days left to save.

You can download a fully functional evaluation version of Take Command 20.0 from our web site. (Note that the v20 installer is a combined x86 / x64 installer; it will automatically determine the appropriate version to install for your version of Windows.)

See What’s New in Version 20.0 for details on the changes and new features. 


Take Command 20.0 ANSI Support For All Console Apps

Take Command 20.0 optionally supports ANSI escape sequences in all console applications (not just for TCC internal commands) -- including other command shells such as bash, Powershell, and even CMD. In addition, Take Command and TCC now support many more ANSI escape sequences. See What’s New in Version 20.0 for details. 

More Regular Expressions in Take Command 20.0

Take Command and TCC have supported regular expressions for some time.  Regular expressions allow you to search for files or text with much greater control than the Windows wildcard characters (? and *). Take Command 20.0 has a new upward-compatible regular expression library (Onigmo), that adds a number of new Character Types, Extended Groups, Back References, and Subexp Calls. See Regular Expression Syntax for details.

Take Command 20.0 and High Resolution Displays

For those of you with 3K or 4K displays, Take Command 20.0 will automatically resize the (hidden) console font size.  This prevents Windows from restricting the maximum console window size (and thus the effective tab window size) based on the size of the default console font. (In previous versions of Take Command, the user had to manually modify the default console properties to select a smaller font.)

So drag that Take Command window to 400 columns and 96 rows!