Take Command 15.0 Public Beta

The Take Command v15.0 public beta is now available at:

https://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/tcmdx64.exe (64-bit)

Over the next few days I’ll be posting some of the new features. You can see the full feature list for v15 in the What’s New in Version 15 section of the online help.

Today is the general features list (those items that don’t fit into the new commands / variables / functions / etc.).

Take Command 15.0 Feature List:

The TextPipe engine for the TPIPE command has been updated to 9.3.1.

The Scintilla editor (used by the IDE and Command Input window) has been updated to 3.2.5.

The installers for Take Command x86 and Take Command x64 have been (considerably) updated.

The Take Command registration & licensing modules have been updated. Registration can now only be done from within Take Command (Help menu), not in TCC.

The Take Command help is now also available in ePUB format at https://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/TakeCommand.epub. You can choose either the PDF or ePUB format for reading on your portable devices.

TCC is now supported in the Windows PE environment. (There are a few commands that won’t work because of missing Windows APIs, and Take Command won’t work because there is no GUI.)

If Take Command, TCC, or the IDE crash, they will now automatically send the TCMD.GPF error file to support@jpsoft.com. (If you have a reproducible error, please still send the steps to reproduce the problem.)

Take Command now doesn’t update the Folder & List Views at startup if they are disabled or set to AutoHide. (This will speed up the load time substantially if you have network drives which are mapped but unavailable.)

The password fields in TCMD.INI are now encrypted when they are saved. (The encryption is strong, but if somebody wants to debug TCC.EXE and monitor the API calls, they’ll eventually be able to figure out the unencrypted strings. But they’ll have to work for it.)

The Command Input window now uses the same font and point size as the tab windows.

Take Command now disables updates when renaming folders in the Folder View.

Take Command now disables updates when renaming files or directories in the List View.

Take Command now disables updates when editing descriptions in the List View.

The Take Command Folder View now supports Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert to copy the current selection to the clipboard.

The Take Command List View now supports Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert to copy the current selection(s) to the clipboard.

Take Command now supports copying descriptions in DESCRIPT.ION when copying / dragging / dropping files in the Folder & List View windows.

Added a global hotkey (default Ctrl-Shift-T) to toggle Take Command to and from the system tray.

Updated the Internet support dll’s for TCC.

Updated the zip / tar support dll’s for TCC.

Added support for the new OpenAFS 1.7.x redirector when retrieving the volume information (for example, in FREE, %@DISKFREE, etc.).

The TCC command line editor has Undo and Redo support. You can remap the keys with the “Undo” and “Redo” key mapping entries in TCMD.INI.

Undo – Alt-Z
Redo – Alt-Y

Batch Editor / Debugger:

When a file has been modified, the tab title will be updated with a leading *. When the file is saved, the * will be removed.

  1. This is a very cool beta, however please note that ctrl+shift+t is the standard way to open the last closed tab in all web browsers. I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why this functionality stopped working.

    Please, either change your shortcut, or allow users to disable this shortcut.

      • This definitely should not be the default. Ctrl+Shift+T is already taken. Every modern browser lets you reopen a closed tab with Ctrl+Shift+T.

        Having it mysteriously stop working is a sure way to get angry customers. I wasted a frustrating hour troubleshooting this before I found the solution.

        Really, you shouldn’t set any global hotkeys at all unless you make it clear at install time you’re doing it, and give an easy to disable or change the hotkeys in a configuration dialog. People don’t generally expect that upgrading a command processor will disable key functions in all their other applications.

        • Sorry about the typo! I don’t see an Edit button, but obviously what I meant was “… give an easy _way_ to disable or change…” 🙂

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