Take Command 15.0 Released

JP Software is happy to announce the release of Take Command 15.0. As we announced when version 14 was released, anyone who ordered v14 (new or upgrade copies) will receive all new major and minor versions for 1 year. We are sending registration keys for Take Command 15.0 to everyone who ordered 14.0 (and to users with a current Extended Support contract). If you are still using version 13 (or earlier), you can order an upgrade at the JP Software web store. Take Command 15.0 has added nearly 1,000 new features since 13.0!

You can download Take Command 15 at:

https://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/tcmd.exe (32-bit)

https://jpsoft.com/downloads/v15/tcmdx64.exe (64-bit)

Version 15 includes:

  • A number of performance improvements, including faster launch times for Take Command and TCC
  • 20 new or improved variables and variable functions
  • Many new options for TPIPE, including restriction filters and subfilters
  • VIEW now displays CSV files as tables
  • OpenAFS 1.7 support
  • Windows PE support
  • Dozens of new options and enhancements for existing TCC commands

And much more — see What’s New in Version 15 in the web help for an overview of the new features.

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