Take Command v25 Call for Features

We’re beginning the design phase for Take Command / TCC / CMDebug / TCC-RT version 25. If you have suggestions or compatibility issues, please post them to our Suggestions Forum. And while you’re there, read through the other suggestions and add your support and/or comments.
Take Command Themes
The theme support in Take Command v24 has some significant improvements, particularly if you’re a fan of dark themes. Take Command (and IDE / CMDebug / TCEdit) now supports dark themes for all window elements, including the title bar, menu, toolbar, tabs, and status bar. The themes also have a number of screen drawing improvements for high resolution displays, DPI scaling, and antialiased fonts.

Take Command v24 supports Office 2013 & 2016 tooltip styles, and an optional TCMD.INI directive to use a different style. Take Command will default to the appropriate tooltip style for the selected theme.

UI Improvements
We spent hundreds of hours tweaking the UI code in v24. Some of it is obvious (like the theme changes above), and a lot is subtle but contributes to a better user experience. For example:

1) The display output speed is more than 20% faster than v23, and uses significantly less CPU time.

2) The Take Command, IDE, and TCEDIT windows will “snap” to the screen edges when they are dragged near an edge.

3) The Tab windows have an optional margin on the sides & the top/bottom to make it easier to read and select text.

4) The editor in IDE / CMDebug / TCEdit is faster and the fonts are a little cleaner.

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