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JP Software is a privately held corporation based in Chestertown, Maryland, USA. We specialize in high-quality Windows system software, and released our first product (4DOS) in 1989.

We are owned and operated by refugees from the corporate wars who wanted to have a little more control over our results and fun in our lives. Our primary products are command processors, tools that assist the user in working at the command line (the C:\> prompt) and with batch files. We currently offer products for Windows 10, Windows 2016, and Windows 2019.

We have the flexibility to meet your needs quickly and configure our products the way you want them. Founded and run by technical experts, we have great technical depth and a proven track record. We offer powerful, solid products you can rely on every day, as hundreds of thousands of our worldwide customers already do.

For more information on the company or our products, or for any other matter, please feel free to contact us via email or on the forums. Don't forget to browse the remainder of this site and to visit our support forums.

Contact Us

JP Software
P.O. Box 328
Chestertown, MD 21620 USA

[email protected]

Take Command Technical Support Technical Support

Our main support venues are the JP Software Support Forums. We also offer phone support to our corporate multi-system customers.

Product Suggestions Product Suggestions

Note: We do review all suggestions. You should post your suggestions to our Suggestions Forums. You may find out that the capability already exists or users may have alternate solutions for your problems.

JP Software Customer Service Customer Service

If you have questions about our products, pricing, registration, policies, or anything else (except technical issues) not already addressed in our web pages and documentation, email us by clicking on the tab on the right and our staff will be happy to help you.

Press Resources Press Resources

If you are a reviewer or blogger, see our Press Resources page for Take Command FAQs and graphics, and a free registration offer.

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