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    Win10 Creators update, console woe(s)

    Another user's resolution to a different freeze, caused by a feature of console, under an earlier version of Win10: [title]
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    Win10 Creators update, console woe(s)

    FYI. See eg: [title]
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    Why doesn't "IDE %_ININAME" work?

    Variable expansion also seems to be treated differently by TCC/LE than by TCC. In the latter, via options cmd, TCSTART / TCEXIT Path can be set to: %localappdata%\JPSoft\ (which is where the TCMD.ini file is by default). However, TCC/LE will Not expand the variable. Granted, it is possible that...
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    Some questions

    As of Windows 8.1, the list of versions can be found at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms724832(v=vs.85).aspx One example of where it may be useful to know is that "My Documents" morphed into a "Documents" library as of Windows 7. If the latter must be used in file...
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    WAD Dir daterange + multiple path wildcards crashes tcc

    dir/[d-0]/s/a:-d "_weigh\-+\*\_analysts-n-\*" causes the takecommand tab that tcc is running in to close. Version 14.03.52, under Win7 x86-32. All patches current. A workaround: for/a:d %d in (_weigh\-+\*\_analysts-n-) dir/[d-0]/a:-d %d
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    Threads, any way to SaveAS

    Is there a way to Save an entire thread from this forum? For threads that span multiple pages, it can be tricky to find where something was mentioned. If the entire thread could be saved, more powerful (than the online Search) infoTech could be brought to bear.
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    Settings not writting to registry in XP (32 bit)

    I may have misunderstood the question, but perhaps just add the following section (or just the 2nd line, if the section is already there) to tcmd.ini: [ListView] Style=3
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