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    Problems with dir command in the debugger

    You should have no variations if you use PDIR and choose a format matching your needs. I constantly have DIR aliased to PDIR with a suitable format.
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    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    I tend to open a new tab in TCMD. There is the "Clone Tab" command, that duplicates the environment. You can set a title to remember which tab is what.
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    Version 20.11 installed on Windows 10 problems

    I have a similar situation: I install TCMD with an administrator account and run it from a non-administrator account. Rather than changing the security of the "C:\Program Files\JPSoft\TCMD22\" directory, I remove (as administrator) TCMD.INI from that directory. Then I run TCMD (as...
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    opposite of differ?

    If you want to see the result graphically you can pipe a DIR of each directory to a file, and compare both files with a graphical difference tool (I use WinMerge for example). If you want to see the result in the console, a command such as for %f in (a\*) if exist b\%@name[%f] echo %@name[%f]...
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    ZIP/U compares wrong timestamp

    ZIP now compares UTC times, which don't vary with DST. I notice a 1h offset for files in the user-profile, but this seems to be handled correctly with UTC times too. The last quirk I can see is that some files are extracted by UNZIP although the times look identical (when comparing ZIP/V and DIR...
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    ZIP/U compares wrong timestamp

    I tested on TCC 22.00.29 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]. ZIP/U seems to correctly select the files based on their timestamp. The timestamp (as seen with ZIP/V) in some cases shows identical to DIR and in some cases still shows offset by 1h (files in a directory in the C:\Users\… Windows...
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    ZIP/U compares wrong timestamp

    I wasn't aware of this fact. This makes the /U and /F options virtually unusable (unless there would be some way to shift the timestamps). As said, ZIP did not shift the timestamps in V19. I will work with /A:A and then reset the Archive attribute (there is no /X option as for COPY) (I call ZIP...
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    ZIP/U compares wrong timestamp

    ZIP offsets the internal timestamp of the file it stores (since TCMD V20) (looks like time-zone handling). ZIP/U seems to compare the timestamps without accounting for the time offset; it keeps adding the file even if the timestamp did not change. > touch/c asd 2017-11-28 14:50:39.695...
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    Documentation touch and /r

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    How to? copy / exclude

    Look for "Exclusion Ranges" in the help.
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    Nested IF syntax — TCC behaving differently to CMD

    Thanks for the change. I agree the syntax is awful. I have "Duplicate CMD bugs" enabled — but I seldom bump into the category of problems this check addresses (my own scripts are obviously written in clear TCC syntax), and I didn't make the connection.
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    Nested IF syntax — TCC behaving differently to CMD

    The following code comes from "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin\SetEnv.Cmd", a Microsoft SDK batch file. IF "x%TARGET_CPU%x"=="xx" ( IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%"=="x86" SET "TARGET_CPU=x86" & SET "CURRENT_CPU=x86" IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432%"=="x86" SET "TARGET_CPU=x86"...
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    Error 0xc0000142 and FAR Manager

    I don't use FAR and thus don't know directly. Since FAR is widely used, it should be configurable in some way. Looking at, I see "greatly extended by external DLL modules — plugins" (though writing a DLL is probably overkill just for passing a command from CMD to TCMD) (it...
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    Error 0xc0000142 and FAR Manager

    One trick could be to have FAR spawn CMD, and have CMD call TCC — but you would have to somehow change the command issued by FAR.
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    TCMD not hiding the console

    Normally TCMD is hiding the consoles, one only sees TCMD's tabs. With very text intensive tasks, TCMD can loose some control; the consoles show and even pop up regularly. (My case is a task for compiling: PERL spawning MAKE (actually ClearCase's clearmake), which spawns TCC, which spawns PERL...