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    What are the TCC settings that will allow maximum cmd.exe compatibility?

    This topic is marked as sticky. Can someone please unstick it?
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    FileUtils @ISABATCH feature request

    Thanks for the quick addition, Charles. Well, you can't invoke a .BAT file if you make an entry for it in AppPaths, but this addition allows @ISABATCH to return the name of a .COM or .EXE file found in AppPaths when invoked with flags=130 (or 131). Thank you. (Without the 128 flag, but...
  3. dcantor

    FileUtils @ISABATCH feature request

    The flags value lets you alter the function’s operation: 1 search the current directory before the search path 128 return the first matching filename, not a numeric value Please consider adding 2 search the apps in the Windows App Paths registry key...
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    DIFFER questions....

    It probably has something to do with having two " characters together. Instead of set quoted=%@full["%f"], try set quoted="%@unquote[%@full[%f]]"
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    ZIP/U compares wrong timestamp

    Assuming the user has somehow told Windows what the correct timezone settings are, you can find out whether DST is in effect and whether DST is even observed and what the offsets from UTC are. ~\Work> w32tm /tz Time zone: Current:TIME_ZONE_ID_STANDARD Bias: 300min (UTC=LocalTime+Bias)...
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    Fixed Fileutils @CMPTIME

    Thank you. That definitely helps.
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    Fixed Fileutils @CMPTIME

    = should be == ! Along with 16,821 other programmers, I've made the same mistake myself. Thanks.
  8. dcantor

    Fileutils @CMPTIME feature request

    Charles, Please consider adding a fourth argument to @CMPTIME to work as follows: Syntax: %@CMPTIME[file1,file2,which,tolerance] file1 the first file to examine file2 the second file to examine which A, C, or W; the default is W tolerance number of milliseconds (or maybe seconds) of...
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    Fixed Fileutils @CMPTIME

    ~\Work> fileinfo x.tmp C:\Users\DCantor\Work\x.tmp 3,154 bytes 3.08 kilobytes Created: Mon 2017-11-13 11:12:57 Modified: Wed 2017-11-01 10:00:16 [25] 0:00:00.013 Accessed: Mon 2017-11-13 11:12:57...
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    Exchange Rates

    I don't see 'already running' at all. Try it with in-process pipes ( |! instead of | ) and see what happens. If you don't see the 'already running' using in-process pipes, then it's probably the result of something in your TCSTART.BTM . type...
  11. dcantor

    Exchange Rates

    A (very) slight improvement, I think: combine the two filters in TPIPE and capture only the last line: type^?a=usd^&from=USD^&to=CAD | tpipe /simple=16 /simple=10 | tail /n1 > clip:
  12. dcantor

    @WORD vs @FIELD in v 22

    So now I seeIf you use a - and don't specify an end, @WORD will return all fields from the nth one to the end of the line.. That should say @FIELD instead of @WORD.
  13. dcantor

    @WORD vs @FIELD in v 22

    I haven't actually downloaded a trial version of TCC v22 yet, but I noticed the new syntax for @WORD, allowing @WORD[n-, string] to mean the nth word and everything after. I noticed that there isn't a similar syntax in the online help file for @FIELD. Was a similar syntax implemented in...
  14. dcantor

    How to set %_INIREAD result to variable

    ~\Work> type test.ini [xyzzy] foo=123 bar=455 ~\Work> set x=%@iniread[".\test.ini",xyzzy,foo] ~\Work> set x 123 ~\Work> unset y ~\Work> set y == %@iniread[".\test.ini",xyzzy,foo] ~\Work> set y y == 123 ~\Work> echo %y% ECHO is OFF ~\Work> echo %[y ] = 123 ~\Work> SET X == anything does...
  15. dcantor

    SET /A var\=...?