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    Where is "Delete to recycle bin" setting stored?

    Hi there, I want to write a tcstart.btm which pretty much takes care of getting my tccle configuration on a new computer. After this I type "option" and and had to do some things manually. Is there a way I can get rid of this manual step? Where does these settings that come under "option" are...
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    Ranges dialog not in TCC/LE?

    Hi there, I thought typing "Dir /[=]" will bring up a ranges selection dialog as explained in the help file. But nothing happens. It lists down the contents. Is this one of the "Not in LE" feature? -- Holla. Thanks,
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    My difficulties with handling the clip:boad

    Just to update: I found @clipw which does what I want: (it does not add the extra 0d/0a) for /f "tokens=*" %a in ('grep -i %$ %MyHome%\passwords-file.txt') set gpwd=%@clipw[%@field[" :^"",-0,%a]] - That sets the last matching line; not perfect, but works for me for personal use.
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    My difficulties with handling the clip:boad

    Thanks for your quick reply Charles. My first version of batch file used to be a single line , something like ... for /f "tokens=*" %a in ('grep -i %$ c:\gpp1test.txt') echo %@field[" :^"",-1,%a] >> clip: Then I could not get the character "&" in passwords to work. So I had do this circus...
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    My difficulties with handling the clip:boad

    I am writing a scripts/aliases to write all passwords into a txt file and getting the text from the batch file. My addpwd alias looks like: @echo %$ >> gpp1test.txt My getpwd alias looks like: grep -i %$ gpp1test.txt All is fine if I stop at this. When I type getpwd, the password is...
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    Is this a bug in for /o:d ... ?

    Hi there, As you can see below, I want to supply a timewise sorted list of files to a script. As per the documentation "for /o:d" should do it. But I am not able get it to work so using for /o:d. It should have echoed file starting with 3038155 first as it was created at 13:09, earlier...
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    Windows 7 compatibility

    Just ignore the above post. I found out that there is no photoviewer.dll in "windows Photo gallery" directory. It is in "windows photo viewer" directory. I am right not in the process of searching and replacing gallery by viewer in registry.
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    Windows 7 compatibility

    After I migrated to Windows7 (from Vista), I started getting this error whenever I try to launch a jpg from TCC command line. (That is if I type the jpg filename at the tcc command prompt and press enter). Windows throws a popup message box saying "There was a problem starting C:\Program...
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    Did you mean: SpellCorrection?

    I am pathetic at pyting on the computer and I keep making pselling mitsakes. So I wrote a batch file to correct myself. Just for the heck of it. That is, if you type "dri" instead of "dir", it prompts you - Did you mean "dir"? The "did you mean" concept is stolen from google. hope they dont...
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    Auto-Exit of a bat file (no prompt)

    I dont know of any setting .... But there is break off and "on break" commands. On break can be used within a batch file to handle how breaks have to be dealt with. Break off: if you put this in tcstart.btm, then your tccle batch commands can not be interrupted using control-breaks. May...
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    Running as Administrator

    One way to do this is below. It will put administrator: in the title bar - It assumes that you can create a file in windows directory only if you are running the program as admin. set fname=%@unique[c:\windows] if not [%fname%]==[] ( Title Administrator: ... del %fname% ) The script works...
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    Question on File completion

    Charles, Wow! Thank you, You are a legend. I have spent atleast 45 minutes trying to figure this out. -- Holla.
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    $M in PROMPT

    Thanks Charles. That would do.
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    Question on File completion

    I have a file called 2do.txt. If I type 2 at the command prompt and press tab, cmd.exe expands the filename and completes it. Is there any setting in TCC by which this can be achieved. I know I can get TCC to expand the filename(non-executable) if I prefix it with a space. I tried with...
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    $M in PROMPT

    Is there a way to display the remote name associated with a drive like cmd.exe? In cmd.exe's prompt, $M Displays the remote name associated with the current drive letter or the empty string if current drive is not a network drive.