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    TUI Dialogs

    Using the Windows port of the dialog program, available from, you can create simple TUI screens. For example; dialog.exe --textbox dialog.btm 22 70 will allow you to view a file, with the ability to scroll and search the file; dialog --calendar...
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    TASKDIALOG Help link error

    In the TASKDIALOG help, when I click /A(details) it takes me to MSGBOX help. Same thing in the TCMD.CHM file. Joe
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    Example of using TASKDIALOG for menu item selection

    @setlocal @echo off set title="Radio Button Dialog Box" set instruction="Here's What To Do:" set text=Check one of the following buttons: set ad="After you have made a selection, press OK" set ac="Open" set ae="Close" set r1="IP address(es) of local computer." set r2="Index of the current...
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    Does TCC improve CMD's implementation of ECHO?

    From Echo a blank line The following in a batch file will produce an empty line: Echo. or Echo: The second option is better, because Echo. will search for a file named "echo" if this file does not exist the command does work, but this makes it slower than echo( Joe
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    Utilisation de la comande LOADBTM

    That is something you will need to ask Rex. Might be best to email him at [email protected] As TCCRT is no-cost, could you not just point the user to the download site, and have them install it themselves? Joe
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    Win 7 best backup software

    I use Disk2vhd; These scripts can be used to mount/unmount the VHD from the command line; Joe
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    UNLIBRARY / Wildcarded removal of functions from library without errors

    Here is a .BTM that I created last year to tide me over until an UNLIBRARY command is available; :: RmvLibrary.btm :: :: This allows the removal of all in-memory functions from a specific library :: @setlocal @echo off :: Assume that library files are located in _startpath\library set...
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    MOUNTISO: Add support for VHD / VHDX files

    Here's the .CMD files that I have been using in TCC to Mount/Unmount VHDs;REM @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion if {%1}=={} ( echo Usage: %~nx0 [vhd] [letter] exit /b 1 ) set vhdPath=%~dpnx1 set driveLetter=%2 if...
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    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    Hi Scott, Yepper, I have localcount added to my prompt, as such;prompt `$e[9999E$p$g%@repeat[#,0%localcount]` I wanted to mimic the + meta character of prompt, which is why I have %@repeat[#,0%localcount] in my prompt. I like the LOCAL .btms, gonna tinker with them. Joe
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    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    Dave; I removed the ENDLOCAL alias, and now have only;[email protected] %_batch eq 0 (*setlocal & set localcount=%@inc[0%localcount%] & echo %localcount) I only wanted the alias to work from the command line, not from a .BTM file, thus the @if %_batch eq 0. So far, so good. Thanks again. Joe
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    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    ...and the corresponding;alias endlocal=`*endlocal & if %localcount le 0 (set localcount=0) else (set localcount=%@dec[0%localcount%]`) No doubt I will make some further tweaks. Thanks Dave! Joe
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    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    I quite frequently use SETLOCAL from the TCC Prompt, so as not to mess up my current environment. I do this, because sometimes, I forget to UNSET test variables, etc. Unfortunately, I forget to do an ENDLOCAL when I have finished testing whatever I was testing. So, when I don't want to mess...
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    How to? SETLOCAL Level

    In the help file, it states "SETLOCAL and ENDLOCAL may be nested up to 32 levels deep". So, when I go beyond 32 levels, I get the following;c:\users\jlc\utils>setlocal TCC: Exceeded SETLOCAL nesting limit Is there a way to determine how many SETLOCAL levels deep I am presently at? Joe
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    UNZIPping older .ZIP files

    I have many .ZIP files from the late 80's/early 90's. The version of PKZIP/PKUNZIP that I purchased back then, 2.04g, has no problem unZIPping these files. FILE.EXE from Cygwin shows;c:\users\jlc\downloads\technotes>file Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract When I...
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    Documentation @ZIPFILECRC

    @ZIPFILECRC shows the syntax using the @ZIPDFILESIZE function. Joe