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    "Pics or it didn't happen."
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    7zip changes file time

    UTC vs local time?
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    Let "DO i= ..." use big numbers

    It's from a 1983 movie: War Games. Using a robo-dialer, he located the backdoor to a military computer.
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    Let "DO i= ..." use big numbers

    Command line robo-dialer? 7,701,322,011 --> (770) 132-2011 "How about a nice game of chess?"
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    gcd() and lcm() ... need '%'

    I built CALC before also. It's my go-to command line calculator. RPN FTW.
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    TCC starts with delay on Servers

    @w_krieger reported the same problem back in April. I don't see any resolution in the thread.
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    Documentation Python Examples

    My python is from from around 2015 and it seems to work fine. I haven't pushed it too much. [C:\temp] 8:42:20 $ echo %@python[print('Hello, World!')] Hello, World! 0 [C:\temp] 8:42:43 $ which python python is an external : C:\Python34\python.exe [C:\temp] 8:44:12 $ head...
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    Thanks, I had tried single quotes and backquotes, but not escaped.
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    New question. How do I get it to not display the quotes? [C:\temp] 14:38:26 $ type test.btm @echo off gosub testing "Friday, July 28, 2017" quit :testing [ variable ] echo %variable return [C:\temp] 14:38:38 $ test.btm "Friday, July 28, 2017" Edit: I found that the following works. Is...
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    Never mind... extra % symbol in the gosub parameter field.
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    What am I doing wrong? Shouldn't it be echoing "07/28/17"? [C:\temp] 14:19:31 $ ver TCC 21.00.37 x64 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601] [C:\temp] 14:20:02 $ type test.btm gosub testing "%_date" quit :testing [ %variable ] echo %variable return [C:\temp] 14:20:04 $ test.btm gosub testing...
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    See if a file name matches extended range.

    Regex defaults to case sensitive unless you wrap it in a group and add the ignore case option. \w\.jpg(?i:MA)\d{8}_\d{3}\.\d{3} Edit: See 7. Extended groups in the Regular Expression Syntax of the help file. Edit 2: You can also precede the specific section (or entire expression) with the...
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    DOS CMD Sort+Add Sequence+Remove Sequence number

    I like Rename Master.
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    Сreate screenshots

    How about using convert from do forever ( echo %@snapshot[DESKTOP] > NUL & convert clipboard:image %_datetime.jpg & sleep 5 ) Put what you want to capture in the @snapshot function, insert your path before %_datetime, and change the sleep to how long.
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    TPIPE: Error -Can´t access textpipeengine.dll

    tcmd /extract then copy files. See