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    multiple command alias and redirection

    Searching the forum it seems in the past that the rest of command line expansion %$ in an alias would include redirection as well, but in current testing it no longer appears to do so. I have an alias to temporarily set a proxy for wget wget=setlocal %+ set HTTP_proxy=xxx %+ *wget --proxy %$ %+...
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    Done Enhance ranges dialog

    Using the ranges dialog when repeating a command a few times, it occurred to me it would be nice if the dialog showed the command line switch equivalents so you could see, e.g. how a before date range should be specified (which was a bit hard to locate in the help).
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    ping DNS lookup not working

    Ping seems to have a problem with DNS lookup on my PC? [C:\bin] ver TCC 18.00.32 x64 Windows 10 [Version 6.3.10586] [C:\bin] echo %@ping[,50,8192] TCC: (Sys) "" -2 [C:\bin] ping Pinging [] with...
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    gosub variables

    This issue still seems to be a problem to me. How can I pass parameters (e.g. partial directory paths) containing spaces to a subroutine in a useful way? 1. The help is actually wrong - it shows that abc and "Hello World" results in the same type of variable value (saying abc yields "abc" and...
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    Popup Window size too small

    I don't see the issue in v16. Any chance of a fix for v15?
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    date and cmd compatibility

    @Steve, I'm not sure I consider cmd compatibility an additional feature.
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    Popup Window size too small

    I'm not sure if this is a reappearance of an old problem, or the old problem was never fixed. When the cdd command opens a popup window due to directory search, the window is resized to be too small to see the entries when the number of entries is small. This seems to occur regardless of the...
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    date and cmd compatibility

    TCC returns different results for the date/t and %date% commands when the region is default (in US) and the format is m/d/yyyy. Can an option be added or a change made to regain cmd compatibility?
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    Command completion and PATH

    The documentation for command completion says: Filename completion will search the PATH for an executable filename if you have set the Search Path option in the Command Line configuration tab, and you are : (1)at the beginning of the command line, and (2)there are no matching entries in the...
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    WAD Take Command and UNCs for Folder List

    I am having a couple of issues with the Folder Tree View in Take Command with UNCs. 1. When I type in a UNC ending in a share (\\server\share$) the List View shows the name of computers in the network instead of the share contents. There are actually files in the root share. 2. When I try to...
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    (OT) Show desktop from command line?

    If you can create a vbscript file, create a file (named "ShowDesktop.vbs") containing: CreateObject("Shell.Application").ToggleDesktop and launch it with cscript //B ShowDesktop.vbs If you have more patience, you can also do a PowerShell command line: powershell (new-object -comobject...
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    Is there any way to work around this (apparent) limitation of TCC?

    Sounds like a fun Perl one-liner - though a potential memory hog - implement a uniq that doesn't require a preceding sort... Looks like sort implements a merge sort of temp spill files if it is going to exceed buffer size - that might take more than one line of Perl :)
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    TCmd 14.0 trial expired

    RC1 just installed still shows expired and I'd rather not buy a license for a non-release version...
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    Is there any way to work around this (apparent) limitation of TCC?

    The GNU (hence, Unix) equivalent to what you want is uniq, but it expects the input to be sorted.
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    Command History Failure?

    Still having the same thing using TCC 13.00.22 x64 Win 7 6.1.7601. Typed in a command grep "^[a-zA-Z]=" all-logons.ini|tr [:upper:] [:lower:]|sort >sort-all-logons.ini and hitting up arrow or typing grep than up arrow shows no command in history. Why does command history forget...