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    Need activation help.

    Download TCMD build 63, at:
  2. rconn

    How to? Deploy license administratively?

    The license key file is normally generated based on the local machine name. If you want a key that is not bound to a particular computer, send an email to [email protected] with your order info and we will send you a key file that you can copy to all of your systems.
  3. rconn

    How to? Deploy license administratively?

    You can use the msiexec administrative install options with the TCMD installer.
  4. rconn

    install fail

    You *shouldn't* have to do an uninstall first, but it can't hurt. This is a Windows Installer issue, and (sometimes, on a few systems) it gets easily confused.
  5. rconn

    install fail

    Are you doing an update or did you uninstall the previous TCMD installation first?
  6. rconn

    install fail

    That error is coming from Windows, not TCMD. You can start task manager and end any instances of Windows Installer.
  7. rconn

    How to? Register offline?

    Send the offline key you generated to [email protected] and I'll verify if it's good.
  8. rconn

    @DOW vs. @IDOW

    WAD. @DOW is the old (as in 4DOS old) version. @IDOW is the one you should be using.
  9. rconn

    News Update: Code Signing Certificate Status

    The TCMD / TCC code signing uses the Verisign timestamp server.
  10. rconn

    News Update: Code Signing Certificate Status

    It's a Comodo certificate, but shows up in Windows as a Symantec.
  11. rconn

    News Update: Code Signing Certificate Status

    So far all I've gotten from Comodo is the typical Level 1 "read an unrelated issue from a script" technical support. Still waiting for a real answer. (Microsoft hasn't responded at all.)
  12. rconn

    News Update: Code Signing Certificate Status

    I got a response from Comodo (who issued the code signing certificate). But it wasn't particularly helpful - they said the problem is most likely due to a bad internet connection, and the WinVerifyTrust API (the Windows API that's returning the CERT_E_EXPIRED error) couldn't be returning...
  13. rconn

    registration expired

    Fixed yesterday; see the announcement in another message. For as-yet-unknown reasons, yesterday afternoon the Symantec/ Comodo code signing certificates used in all JP Software products was nolonger considered valid by Windows. I am still investigating the cause;in the meantime I have uploaded...
  14. rconn

    Fixed v22b39 expired?

    You don't need to uninstall, just update.
  15. rconn

    Sudden "registration expired" notice

    Send your activation key to [email protected] and I'll check it on this end.