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    ON EXIT?

    This doesn't have anything to do with the ON CLOSE (which is working perfectly), it's because Windows is blocking TASKEND from enumerating the processes to get the window handle for %_startpid. Windows really doesn't like you doing things like that when it's shutting down a process.
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    JOBS /K ... how does it work?

    In your first example, TCC has to duplicate the job handle in the START'd process. So exiting the host TCC process still leaves an open handle in the other process.
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    ON EXIT?

    Works fine here in a TCMD tab window or a TCC console session. (Though you won't "see" it in a TCMD tab window, as the tab will disappear before the hidden console window runs the BEEP.)
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    ON EXIT?

    ON CLOSE will be triggered if the user closes the console. But an EXIT will not trigger an ON event, because you're specifically asking in your own code for TCC to exit. In that case, you can handle it without an ON event.
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    JOBS /K ... how does it work?

    Your syntax is wrong - /N always creates a new job. Use /J if you want to modify/display an existing job.
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    USB based licence?

    You can install on, and run from, a USB key. But you cannot just put the key there. If you're running v22, you can uninstall from the Help / Register dialog. Or, you can use the same PC name -- TCMD will allow you to install an unlimited number of times to the same computer name.
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    TCMD Tab titles on Insider Windows

    The "TCC Prompt" title is actually coming from TCC, if it determines that the current session is "TCC.EXE". TCMD will check the titles of the hidden console windows, and update the tab titles accordingly. However, build 17692 changed the SetConsoleTitle behavior - if the console window is...
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    Everything.exe - 64-bit?

    The Everything version in TCMD is integrated with TCMD & TCC. If you download some other version of Everything, you're on your own & integration will be problematic at best.
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    Everything.exe - 64-bit?

    Version 18 has two installers, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. (More recent versions of TCMD have a combined installer that installs the appropriate version depending on your Windows type.) It sounds like you're running the 32-bit installer.
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    Associative arrays

    I know what an associative array is. What I don't understand is what the OP wants to do with it. Lacking context, it's like saying MORE AI instead of something useful, like "I want a command line interface to Skynet."
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    Problems with dir command in the debugger

    That syntax is only valid when running CMD.EXE & DIR on a machine with specific country code and date/time settings. DIR in CMD.EXE on my system doesn't look like DIR on your system. We made the decision when creating TCC to standardize on a format that works the same on all systems. If you...
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    Debugger Bat file call history

    Are you chaining to the next batch file or CALL'ing it?
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    Debugger Bat file call history

    There currently isn't any way to do that (it is on the list for a future version). When you stop debugging it should take you back to the original file - what trouble are you having?
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    Help File "See Also"

    I know - but adding a reference to the functions page requires me to edit 380 other pages. Add the commands and variables, and you've got another 500+ pages. And it can't be cut & paste, because it has to reference the appropriate category.
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    Declined more LOG information for TPIPE ....

    Not possible with the textpipeengine api.