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  1. Roedy

    run as administrator

    When I create a shortcut to a *.BTM file, I go into advanced, but it does not let me select "run as administrator". Is there a way around this?
  2. Roedy

    install fail

    My usual tcc stopped working because of the date problem. I found I could limp by using only icons for BTM files on the deskop. I tried reinstalling on top of the existing Take Command. That's when I get the message about an install already in progress.
  3. Roedy

    install fail

    I went to install the 2018-03-13 version of TakeCommand to fix the expired problem. BUT it says there is an install already in progress and refused to install. Is there some way to clear this non-existent previous install? Windows is failing to install updates. Perhaps that is related.
  4. Roedy

    registration expired

    I just got a "registration expired" notice on TCC V21. I tried register, but it goes into a loop asking me to register again.
  5. Roedy

    clone tcc

    All my life, when I right clicked a TCC command box on the task bar of a running script, I could spawn a second TCC box. A few days ago, this stopped working . It just ignores the right click. I can now run only one TCC box at a time. Any idea why?
  6. Roedy

    unwanted delay

    I have a theory. It is working again spontaneously. I suspect it was checking with jpsoft.com to make sure my licence was valid, and it could not get through. The delay was the timeout. Ideally, TCC should check only once a day if it has not been getting through.
  7. Roedy

    unwanted delay

    I am using TCC 21.00.39 x64.. It just suddenly started stalling for a about 15 seconds just prior to showing the > prompt when it opens a TCC window. Any idea on what could be causinging this on how to fix? I did not change the config. When I tried to update to the lastest version it said an...
  8. Roedy

    WAD Version number

    I installed TCC version 2.11 in December The latest version is ALSO 2.11 marked January Are these the same version, or did you forget to bump the version number?
  9. Roedy

    accidental ampersand

    lets say I am trying to type: batch1.btm & batch2.btm but instead I accidentally type: batch1.btm & My computer goes berserk. opening and closing windows like mad. I can't stop it. 1. Why is this happening? 2. what is the best way to halt?
  10. Roedy

    TEE filtering improperly

    TEE filters out BS characters when it echoes to the console. I don't think it should change the stream at all.
  11. Roedy

    How to? Understanding BTM file properties

    You can apply properties to a BTM file, a LNK file or a running script. The running script has the richest set of properties, though they do not necessarily seem to stick. 1. Where do these properties get stored? I think they are embedded in LNK files, but I have not found them for BTM and...
  12. Roedy

    missing English.dll, failed install

    I installed Take Command 19.10.54 over 19.10.53 Windows 10 64 bit. It complained multiple times during the install that English.dll was missing. After the reboot it continued to complain and terminated immediately. There is no English.dll but there is an EnglishD.dll in the TCDM19_x64...
  13. Roedy


    Sometimes TCC displays a backspace as a control character. Sometimes it filters it out. I have not figured out how it decides how to behave. I think TEE always filters both the log and the stream.
  14. Roedy

    Lost scheduled task association

    I would not expect you to have this problem. I did not have it either until this morning. All this has been working for years. I flipped over to Windows 10 a few months ago, and all worked fine. It would be nice if there were a REG file with everything in it dealing with associations...
  15. Roedy

    Lost scheduled task association

    I have a kludge to work around this. I create a little BTM file without parms with calls the original BTM file with parms. This works.
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