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    How to? @select[] window size, redux.

    IMHO to convert screen positions from column/row to pixels is a nuisance. The precision is not needed!
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    Please Fix Feedback

    I had the same problem - my email address rejected by Feedback. I traced it to Feedback not accepting mixed-case email address.
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    SafeChars: Escaped version of @unsafe

    I think by "strong quote" you mean "backtick". Right guess?
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    IFTP problems (broken pipe?)

    Apparently B49 is not yet available. When?
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    More on IFTP

    I did not see the announcement for the new build's release date/time except a remark that it solves the issue of this thread.
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    IFTP problems (broken pipe?)

    Some antivirus programs, including McAfee, default to blocking FTP. I spent two hours on the phone with McAfee support to find out what it takes to enable the RFC.
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    Fixed Option Dialog Hangs when Using Help

    You mean "broken windows?"
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    Adding accelerator key for a program

    Back in Windows 3 there was a program which allowed adding accelerator keys which operated only in a specific window. I could make the same key do completely different things in different active GUI windows. The base action for each would typically be a nice long key sequence Accelerator would...
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    FTP and McAfee Firewall

    By a free two-hour conversation with McAfee Tech. Support I was directed to the desired option. It ought to be obvious, not hidden...
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    Determine process svchost is running

    I recommend one change in all your distributed batch code, using %_batchname to report its usage. This allows each user to chose their own filename, including retainig your own choice for yourself.
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    date and cmd compatibility

    If you used ISO8601 you not only would use an international standard date style, but also one which can be sorted and compared as strings and provide event timing order. To get this in CMD you must use the Regional and Language Options in Control Panel; it will also set the default formats for...
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    I would provide choice to list subsets: Alias ShowAlias=`*ALIAS %$ | SORT | LIST /s ` (cmd style) Alias ShowAlias=`*ALIAS %$& | SORT | LIST /s ` (4DOS style) Notice the * in front of ALIAS so it could work on anyone's system, even if they already have a different definition of ALIAS...
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    date and cmd compatibility

    If it is not an additional feature (your terse wording required reading your post thrice), you must consider the issue a BUG - an unexpected change from earlier behavior. So signalling emphasizes the nature of the event.
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    GetBinaryType (Updated)

    Charles, I think you just want to reinvent Lotus Magellan 2.0. I'd love to have to have someone do it, too. (I still use its basic features to this day.) I was hoping that V does it, but alas, nobody seems interested. And I can understand it, too. The number of file types is unexhaustible...
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    Return of FTP copy bug in 16.02.48

    This is a 32b machine, I downloaded both 32b and 64b versions, but I did not expect the 64b installer to work here.