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  1. K

    How to? Force batch to stop when error in ext command

    I am converting some Bash scripts that I wrote to BTM. One of the problems was to make sure that, whenever an external command returns a non-zero return code, the script should stop and say something meaningful. This is what I have produced, please tell me if there is a better way. @echo off...
  2. K

    Declined Smartphone app

    Using a smartphone to remote control your computer (like in GotoMyPc) does not make really sense, IMO: the telephone screen is too small to display a windows screen. On the other hand, a smartphone could remotely control a PC with a remote version of TCMD.
  3. K

    Done Clipboard monitoring

    I tried to do a script to be run continuously, monitoring the clipboard. The idea is to use very little CPU, and wake-up when a new text appears in the clipboard. I need to find out whether the content of the clipboard has been changed. To do that, I need to compare all the %@clip[] until...