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    Dual redirection

    Vince - I can't believe I forgot about TEE! I was so focused on variations of redirection symbols that I forgot about good-old-fashioned-been-around-forever TEE. Frank - Thanks to you too! I thought that the LOG command could only record your commands, not their output. Thanks for the tip!
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    Dual redirection

    I have some long running scripts which display various results along the way. I check on them from time to time so that I can review their progress. However, I also need the results to be redirected to a file so that I can review the full results after the the entire job's completion. What...
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    Will upgrading to version 12 now entitle me to version 13?

    I've been a registered user from versions 8 through 11. I thought I'd upgrade to version 12, but now I see that 13 is already in public beta. If I upgrade to 12 now, will that entitle me to a free upgrade to 13? Thanks in advance!