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  1. MikeBaas

    TakeCommand & npm

    I've started using npm recently - please don't assume I know anything about the things I am doing (it's quite a new universe to explore). When running commands like "npm run dev" (in the root folder of a project) it generates output full of "weird stuff" reminding me of ANSI sequences which I...
  2. K

    ANSI Not Working

    I downloaded Take Command 24 (24.02.46) to try it out. The first thing I noticed is that ANSI codes aren't being interpreted. For example, the sequence from the help file to set the display to bright cyan on blue, and clear the screen echo ^e[44;36;1m^e[2J simply displays as ←[44;36;1m←[2J...
  3. Alpengreis

    Documentation ANSIWin10 not included in directives table

    Hello The new directive ANSIWin10 is not in the directives table yet (TC 21.01.48):
  4. Alpengreis

    Fixed New INI directive "ANSIWin10" is invalid

    Hi Rex First, thank you VERY much for adding this new INI directive for ANSI Support related to Win 10! Unfortunately it does not work yet: Here the "details": Thank you and kind regards, Alpengreis
  5. Alpengreis

    Done Optional ANSI(32|64).dll for Win 10 >= Creators Update

    Some have really problems with the Win 10 Creators Update and ANSI support ("already" in pure Win Console). For me, If I use the Win 10 built-in support (with disabled ANSI in TCC/TCMD) I have much problems with display in TCMD (additionally spaces in desired font (-size) or something like...