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cmd compability

  1. E

    TCC/CMD difference

    Hi I have discovered this difference while running the flutter.bat file provided by Google: REM Test if Git is available on the Host where /q git || ECHO Error: Unable to find git in your PATH. && EXIT /B 1 In CMD, if the first command succeeds, nothing happens. If it fails, a message is...
  2. M

    Handling of %~I problem

    cmd supports this bit of variable expansion in a `for` loop (from the `for /?` help): %~I - expands %I removing any surrounding quotes (") tcc used to handle this construct the same way as cmd until v21. Here's a simple test script: C:\Program Files\JPSoft>type c:\temp\test.cmd...
  3. jaejunks

    Done Option for case-sensitive string comparison in IF command (for CMD compatibility)

    For example, consider the simple code below. if abc == ABC echo this should never match Under CMD and even DOS' command prompt, the above condition will never be true. i.e. the default string comparison is case-sensitive. However, the default string comparison in Take Command and TCC is...
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