1. O

    TCC does not pass focus to applications launched by TCC from Windows Terminal

    I am becoming rather fond of Windows Terminal, I'm running the latest preview under Windows 11. I have it setup to run CMD, CMD as Admin, Powershell, the latest Powershell Preview, Ubuntu (WSL), and, of course, TCC. When I launch an application (Notepad, for instance) from TCC inside WT, the...
  2. James Miller

    tcc shell window does not disappear

    Hi, I run tcc version 13.04.58 on Windows 8.1 but I reproduced this problem with version 20.11.40. TCC 20.11.40 x64 Windows 8.1 [Version 6.3.9600] [i:\home\jhm\arc]services.msc [i:\home\jhm\arc]exit Using Sysinternals process explorer, I notice after executing the "exit" command or...