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    ffind not setting %_ffind_ vars if /f is used

    I'm using ffind with /s to search for one file in various subdirs. If I use /s without /f, when the command completes %_ffind_files is set to 1. If I include /f, %_ffind_files is set to 0 even though there was one match. It seems this is not a recent bug. I'm seeing the same problem in TCC 13...
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    Starting folder for ffind /s

    I'm trying to accomplish the following and ffind /s can't do it because it only searches for subfolders of the current folder. I'm looking for a filename ending with a date, and each day the file will be in a different subfolder 3 levels down from \Downloads. %_cwd = F:\THR Without changing the...
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    How to? Find a specific file in subfolders

    The folder setup I have is this: \THR \THR\Downloads\2017\06 Jun 2017\01 {current month} \02 \03 etc. \THR\Downloads\2017\06 Jul 2017\01 {future month} \02 \03 etc. A file zcs_20170603.txt is moved to the appropriate day folder. It might be automatically copied to \THR, depending on...
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    WAD TCC/LE does not set %_ffind_files

    I have tried this in TCC 18, TCC/LE 13 and TCC/LE 14. FFind finds and returns the count in all three but both TCC/LE versions don't set %_ffind_files I haven't checked whether it sets %_ffind_matches or %_ffind_errors EXAMPLE: In a folder, create My_File_1.txt and My_File_2.txt FFIND...