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    Take Command/Debugger as a Visual Studio 2017 add-in/extension

    Hi, It would be very nice to have the functionality of the TCC console as a IDE pane in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 development enviroment itself as well as the .bat file debugger capability. Has there ever been any internal discussions done at your company about intergrating TCC and its...
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    Fixed Problem with use of Batch parameters in the IDE

    Day 3 of the evaluation - still debugging the debugger - and YAB !!! I have found some problems with the IDE operation when trying to pass command line parameters to the batch file. I can't find any doco on how to use the "Display/Modify Batch Parameters" so the following may all be a result...
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    Change value of a variable while debugging

    Hi, I'm new in Take Command and just evaluating the IDE with some batch files I needed to maintain. The debugging option in the IDE is excellent, but I cannot find any way to change the value of a certain variable while debugging the execution. At first I tried to change the value in the watch...