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  1. S

    jpstree.idx contains (0x04) => extendes directory search not working

    after every "cdd /s" my jpstree.idx contains entries like C:\Documents and Settings(0x04 0x04)C:\DOCUME~1 notice the 0x04-char 2 times between every directory and its 8+3-name which prevents extended directory search from working I know there is some setting to change the behavior of "cdd /s"...
  2. forbin

    Design critique wanted: multi-host extended directory search

    Colleagues: I'm hoping for a design critique before I take too steep a leap down the rabbit hole.... I run TCmd off of a portable USB3 hard drive that gets moved between my work PC, my personal laptop, and my family's home PC. That way, I always have the same suite of .BTM files and other...