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    Powershell ISE tabbed within Take Command

    Any chance to support PowerShell ISE tabbed within Take Command Shell? I know they do it in ConEmu and would like to see it added to Take Command. I use Take Command, PowerShell, PowerShell ISE and Bash daily and it would make it more efficient to have it run within Take Command. Thank you...
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    Powershell call fails with "Scripting Integrator 2016 (PowerShell)" license error

    I seem to have a little trouble getting powershell to work from within TCC 21. Powershell itself works: D:\bin\btm> powershell get-help get-help NAME Get-Help SYNOPSIS Displays information about Windows PowerShell commands and concepts. [… remainder of output elided …] D:\bin\btm>...
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    Done Powershell

    I recently ran across this discussion: https://jpsoft.com/blogs/2011/04/whither-powershell/ I actually struggle with the sheer power offered in powershell vs the simplicity of TCC. TCC is a simple easy to use shell that has a lot of depth and power. TCC generally "just works" I have almost...