1. Alpengreis

    Crash after using pshell

    Hi After using pshell with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64 [19044.1586] [21H2] [de-CH] TCC 28.02.18 x64 ... I have always a crash after closing TCC. The pshell command itself works (for example pshell /s "type $Profile") - but it takes some seconds till it's executed and as I said after I close...
  2. Peter Murschall

    Documentation Question to %@PSHELL

    I've played with the PSHELL-command and after a little try and error I think I can use with the alternating double- and single quotes. My "reference command" for Powershell ist PS:>"List Volume"|DISKPART In PSHELL: PSHELL /S "'List Volume'|DISKPART" But this will not work with %@PSHELL Echo...