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  1. krisjohn

    How to? Set the descript.ion for a folder to a comma-delimited list of its subfolders?

    I have a small collection of monthly folders where the subfolders are topics discussed during that month. I'd like to set the initial description of each parent folder to a comma-delimited list of all its subfolders. Can anyone help me with this? TIA.
  2. R

    How to? Find a specific file in subfolders

    The folder setup I have is this: \THR \THR\Downloads\2017\06 Jun 2017\01 {current month} \02 \03 etc. \THR\Downloads\2017\06 Jul 2017\01 {future month} \02 \03 etc. A file zcs_20170603.txt is moved to the appropriate day folder. It might be automatically copied to \THR, depending on...