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variable function

  1. Mordachai

    Variable followed by function constantly failing...

    If I have code such as: set message=The %ReleaseTitle% is now official.%@char[13 10 13 10]The master image is located at:%@char[13 10 9]%%ReleasedMediaFolder%%@char[13 10]The source code for this release will be archived to:%@char[13 10 9]%%ArchiveFolder. I seem to be getting a failure to...
  2. mikea

    How to? Problem with @SFN (short filenames)

    A search didn't quickly turn up a topic like this... I was using a semi-ancient version of TCC and am now using: TCC 20.00.14 x64 Windows 10 [Version 6.3.14393] TCC Build 14 Windows 10 Build 14393 I don't recall having had problems with %@sfn[] in the past, but I'm seeing some now...
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