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  1. T

    Top window bar

    Sorry for having no time for browsing Q&A but can anybody help me HOW TO SUPPRESS part of top window bar, displaying Path+name+paragraph+awaiting keys of/from my batch file? See attachment pls. Thx tom
  2. cxxl

    Done Allow Selection for History/Dirhistory Window

    Hi, the (dir)history window is nice, but unfortunately works only very basically. Could you add support to mark multiple lines for deletion or copy? Also, it's very hard to use if the selected line always moves to the end after a deletion. Best, Chris
  3. James Miller

    tcc shell window does not disappear

    Hi, I run tcc version 13.04.58 on Windows 8.1 but I reproduced this problem with version 20.11.40. TCC 20.11.40 x64 Windows 8.1 [Version 6.3.9600] [i:\home\jhm\arc]services.msc [i:\home\jhm\arc]exit Using Sysinternals process explorer, I notice after executing the "exit" command or...