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windows 10

  1. James Miller

    Windows 10 acrobat reader process has no visible window

    Hi, I recently installed windows 10 on a new machine. After installing acrobat and tcc I discovered running a reader from a tcc shell does not create a visible window. Running the same executable from a cmd shell does create a visible window. I used a process explorer's "Bring to Front" for...
  2. H

    Euro sign € does not work in TCC batch files

    Hi, following case: There are several archived files in a folder named 9€_.....jpg When I run "dir /b 9€*.* >a:\Archived.txt" in a batch file all these 9€_....jpg are properly shown with the €-character in Archived.txt However, when I run "set file=%@line[a:\archived.txt,0]" and then "echo...
  3. T

    How to? retain command history across reboot?

    I all need from your products is to have the ability to retain the command history in both CMD and PowerShell. I found it to difficult to achieve this simple goal with you product. I am using Windows 10 and I have installed the following list of products and I am using them in trial mode: Take...
  4. R

    How to? Win 10 virtual desktops and DESKTOP

    I have a set of programs I need to open for some genealogy activities. I can open them with a .btm that is basically this: start /pgm "Wordprocessor.exe" Delay 3 start /pgm "PDF Editor.exe" Delay 3 start /pgm "Graphics Editor.exe" Delay 3 start /pgm "Text Editor.exe" Delay 3 start /pgm "File...