1 System license (literally?)

Mar 9, 2009
Until version 17, the "1 System License" allowed up to three installations (I had it on desktop PC, laptop and a Windows 10 VM). The new license seems to take the "1 System" literally and won't allow registering a second. Is this intended? If it is, I'll have to order a second license...


Aug 19, 2008

(6) Use of Individual Copies. If you purchased an individual copy of the Software it may be installed for a single person's use on up to three Computers (such as a Computer at work, a Computer at home, and a portable Computer), as long as all Computers are primarily for that person's use at all times, and the Software is not used simultaneously on multiple systems except during active transfer of files between them. (If the Software copy was purchased by your employer, you must obtain your employer's explicit permission before installing the Software on multiple Computers as described above.)
Mar 9, 2009
Thanks. It seems there was something wrong about my license key. Rex sent me a new one and it works fine.
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