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12.11.70 update problem

On Sat, 09 Jul 2011 04:36:53 -0400, tonifelfe <> wrote:

|"system cannot find path" - ?

Updates continue to go smoothly on the home machine (where I used to have
problems). Yesterday, on the work machine, where I had never had a problem, I
got an error message box which dismissed itself after a split second. I think
it was a stack trace but it was so quick that I can't be sure.
TCC LE 12.11.70, OPTIONS - search updates...

Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.

Found reason in UPDATER.INI in this line:

DownloadsFolder=C:\Users\tonifelfe\AppData\Roaming\JP Software\TCC/LE 12.11\updates\

The slash (/) causes problems under Vista (my OS). Removing slash solves the problem.
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