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16.00.41 - filename completion locks up TCC

I haven't bought v 16 yet. I'm registered for v 15, downloaded the v 16 trial. I loaded it on a brand new Win7 x64 PC and I'm using the 64 bit version of TCMD. When I hit tab for filename completion, TCC locks. I can still use other tabs or create new TCC tabs. But, I can't do anything with the tab that is locked up. CTRL-Break doesn't help.
That's a really unusual issue. Does it work as expected if you use F9 instead of Tab? Have you tried rebooting?
I haven't bought v 16 yet. I'm registered for v 15, downloaded the v 16 trial. I loaded it on a brand new Win7 x64 PC and I'm using the 64 bit version of TCMD. When I hit tab for filename completion, TCC locks. I can still use other tabs or create new TCC tabs. But, I can't do anything with the tab that is locked up. CTRL-Break doesn't help.

Impossible to debug without knowing:
  1. The contents of your TCMD.INI
  2. Whether you have any key aliases
  3. Whether you are running any plugins
  4. Whether you've customized filename completion
  5. Whether this happens in a TCMD tab window, a TCC console window, or both
What happens if you start TCC with the /I option?
I started out with a plain default install and had the problem. I've never used any plugins. I don't even know how to customize filename completion. I did go ahead and move in my tcmd.ini from an old installation, which had no effect on this issue. I could post if it you like, or, I could go back to the default, for temporary anyway. Problem mainly happens when in a tcmd tab window. If I do a start tcc the problem does not happen. But, if I start the tcc session in TCMD, and then detach it, the problem still happens. F9 exhibits same problem.
Well, I thought I had rebooted. But, I rebooted again and, at least at the moment, I don't have the problem. So, maybe I hadn't. I don't know. I will report back if it recurrs.
It comes back. It seems to be somewhat intermittant. Like, I will have one TCC tab lock up. Then it will work okay in another TCC tab for a while, then lock up again. I will attach my .ini file.

Also, another weird thing that might or might not be related. Sometimes I will type a command, hit enter, and it is as if I typed no command, I just get the prompt back. I type the exact same command again and it works. I haven't tried to rerun it with up arrow, I will try that the next time it happens.


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Okay, here is a printscreen of more weird stuff. First off, you can see two commands that it did not actually run. The first line is "cd \upload" but it did not do it. I did up arrow and found "cd \upload" in the list, but, it must have been a command I had already entered and that was why it was in my list. Because a few lines later, I have the command "dir *.png /od" and that command does not run, and it is not found in my history. When I did the up arrow, that command was not in my history.

Then, towards the bottom, I do a "del /p 2014*.png" Notice on the second file, I did NOT hit anything. After the ? for the delete, there is no 'Y' character. But, it deleted it anyway. When it finished the command, it says that two files were deleted. But, the second one, I gave it no answer. It just assumed Y and deleted it!

See attached printscreen.

I will probably try installing v 15 since I am licensed for it. It may just coincidentally work. I have no idea.


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Rex suggested I try starting tcc with the /I option. Well, when I do tcc /?, there is no /I option. In any case, I had yesterday said that the problem doesn't happen when I start TCC outside of TCMD. Well, it is just intermittant and yes, it does happen in TCC when I open up a TCC separate window by running "start TCC /I" (even though there is no /I option as far as I see...) Its just that at least usually, it doesn't happen right away when I start TCC this way.
I suppose Rex meant these startup options (for TCC, not TCMD).
/II Don't load the .INI file.
/IP Don't load plugins.
/IS Don't execute TCSTART.
/IX Don't execute TCEXIT
I think I found the problem! I use a program called "caffeine", to keep my laptop from going to sleep. It simulates a keystroke once a minute, to prevent the computer from going to sleep. It says that the default key that it does is an F15 key up. (F15??? Never heard of it, seen it, but, that is what it says) Anyway, it claims that particular key is not likely to interfere with anything. Earlier versions defaulted to different keystrokes.

My old laptop didn't have a problem with TCMD and caffeine. But, my old laptop was running XP and, of course, the 32 bit version of TCMD. It was v 14 if that means anything.

I might try some other options of caffeine. Or, perhaps, Rex can check out caffeine. It is freeware by Zhorn Software.

But, for the record, I don't see any of those /I variations for TCC either. When I type TCC /?, these are the options I see:

C:\Program Files (x86)\JPSoft\TCMD16>tcc /?
Start a new instance of the TCC command processor.

TCC.EXE [@inifile] [//iniline] [/A /C /I[ips] /K /L: /LA /LD /LF /LH /S /T:bf /U /V /X command]
    @inifile:   Initialization file
        //iniline:  INI directive
        command:    Command to execute
        /C  Transient shell             /LH Local history
        /K  Permanent shell             /T  Screen colors
        /L: Local lists                 /S  No Ctrl-C handler
        /LA Local aliases               /U  Unicode output
        /LD Local directories           /V  Delayed expansion
        /LF Local functions             /X  Extended options
I take it you're using Caffeine because sometimes you don't want your computer to go to sleep, but sometimes you do. I would think mouse movements would be less intrusive, or better yet, something that adjusts Windows' built in sleep settings.

Rex has stated that any given command's /? is not all inclusive. The help is the best reference. Hit F1 and search for the word startup and look at the startup options for either Take Command or TCC.
I see them (only 3, and unexplained). In your quote, on the syntax line ... "/I(ips)". They're explained in the help's "TCC Startup Options".
As far as the "/I(ips) yeah, okay, I didn't see them in the explained options and didn't notice it in the list of unexplained options. But, I guess it is a moot point now.

As far as to why I was using caffeine, well, the reason was, my old laptop had the power settings locked by corporate. I couldn't stop it from going to sleep. I first tried manually editing the registry, but, that wouldn't "stick", the corporate policy would overwrite it back. So, I started using caffeine to circumvent corporate policy. But, after my post yesterday, I discovered that at least as of now, the power settings are not locked on my new Win 7 laptop. I didn't even look at first, I assumed it would be locked like on my old laptop so that is why I installed caffeine. But, now I see that it is not locked and I don't even need caffeine now. So, I took it out, and I'm not having any problem with TCC anymore.
The /I(ipsx) may not be in the "quick help", but it definitely is listed in TCC -> Starting TCC -> TCC Startup Options. I am glad that you could circumvent the problem.

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