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Fixed 20.10 strangeness with external commands

Since installing version 20.10, I get strange results with external commands in both TCC and PowerShell, but only when they are attached to TCMD.

In TCC, when I run an external command, the next command prompt is displayed before the output from said external command.

In PowerShell, it actually displays an error about the external command failing to run and a handle being invalid, but the output is still shown. Like TCC, the next command prompt is displayed too early. A bit hard to describe. See attached screen shots.

Did not see this effect before installing 20.10.32.




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Not reproducible here, and it's hard to see how TCMD could be involved unless you got a chip from Intel that disabled all of the hardware protection.

The only thing that TCMD could do (peripherally) to affect a console app is if you have ANSI support enabled (configure TakeCommand / Tabs / ANSI colors). In that case it injects a dll into the console app to allow ANSI escape sequences. (This has not changed in 20.10.) If you have that option enabled, try turning it off and see if that affects the output.
Good guess, turning off ANSI support seems to have stopped the problem. I turned it back on and the problem returned.
Not anything that I'm aware of.

It happens on both my work and home systems.

Work: Windows 10 Enterprise x64 14393.321
Home: Windows 10 Pro x64 14986.1001
I can reproduce this, only with TCmd's ANSI support turned on.


FWIW, this is not only a different version of Windows and a different bithood than Rod, but even a different PING utility.
I turned off ANSI in TCMD and everything seems ok. It's just a new bug which is why I reported it. I've probably had ANSI turned on in TCMD for years without any issue until 12.10.
Really in TCMD (was only possible through INI till 20.10)? Or just in TCC, because you should not activate it in TCC AND in TCMD ...

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