How to? 4autotray problem

On my recently refurbished XP32 system the 4autotray icon often disappears from the system tray while it holds one or more minimized TCC instance. How and I
1/ restore 4autotray in the tray?
2/ alternately, restore or maximize the hidden TCC instance(s)?

I noticed that WHICHWIN locates their windows, but it is passive. I have not tried retrieving the full title and using it in ACTIVATE title MAXIMIZE.
Disappears spontaneously ... with no help from you? Please describe the problem in more detail.

It has been many years since I even looked at 4autotray. IIRC, I made a second one with features requested by you. Please describe the one you have (that is, its functionality). Is it one of the two (3+ year-old) one on
1 icon for all, from TCC/4NT version first minimized (changes if that version is closed but another is active); right click shows
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I've been running that one for a couple days and it hasn't misbehaved. In fact, the one I'm running I found in a file named! I did have to tell Win7 not to hide the tray icon (and don't recall if XP had the feature of hiding tray icons).