May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Does anyone (still) use 4AUTOTRAY?

Anyway, I looked at it for the first time in many years and revamped it. It's at ftp://vefatica.net/4plugins/x64/4autotray64-new.zip. Here's a bit about the new one.

1. It no longer has ON/OFF. Do that by loading/unloading the plugin.

2. The tray icon is always present. Depending on whether TCC is restored or minimized, its left-click action is now minimize or restore, respectively, and the right-click menu changes appropriately.

3. The tray tip shows the Process Id and the current directory (up to 127 characters). I'm thinking of changing that further ... maybe including the TRAY_STATUS value (which appears in the menu if it's set, but the tray tip would make it easier to see). I'd be glad to hear any ideas on the tray tip (feedback and bug reports too).

4. Some bug fixes and much better code.

5. The DLL is tiny (12KB) ... finally figured out how to do that.

The 4CONSOLE64 plugin is also new. I'll talk about that in a separate post. But here I should mention that its SETICON command now gets along with 4AUTOTRAY well ... both the concole icon and the tray icon change.