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4Console (plugin)

Discussion in 'T&T - Plugins' started by nchernoff, Jun 6, 2008.

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    May 16, 2008
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    Author: Vincent Fatica
    PlugIn for: 4NT
    Primary download URL: ftp://lucky.syr.edu/4plugins/4console.zip
    Alternate download URL: http://jpsoft.com/plugins/4console.zip

    4Console adds commands and variables to query and change the console window size, scrollback buffer size, and console font; query QuickEdit and full-screen mode; enable or disable Alt-Enter and the close button; save the current console buffer, or search it for a specified string; and various other console-related tasks. 4Console also adds keystrokes to scroll the console window horizontally, and to cycle through interactive 4NT console windows.


    [B]Command     Description[/B]
    _FONTH             current font height
    _FONTW             current font width
    @FONTH[N]     height of font N
    @FONTW[N]     width of font N
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