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4NT V8.02 Registration on SSD

Yeah, 4NT not TCC, I know. But since there isn't a 4NT forum...

In short I've been using 4DOS and then 4NT since forever. Using the latest version, of course, old as it is. Had some minor issues registering the product in Windows 7 - had to run 4NT as administrator to register it - but elsewise all was wonderfully well.

I've migrated from a traditional hard drive to an SSD. Nifty. Did an Acronis backup of the old hard drive and then a restore to the SSD. Off the bat 4NT wasn't registered any more. So I did the old run-as-administrator thing and registered it again assuming all would be well as it always had been in the past. Not so much.

Now if I run 4NT as administrator it says it's registered. If I run it as myself from any of the usual (and previously working) links like All Programs->4NT8->4NT, 4NT icon pinned to start menu, 4NT icon pinned to start bar, 4NT desktop icon, etc, it says that it's unregistered. This had been working for years even on windows 7. I've tried unregistering and registering, etc. and nothing seems to help.

I really like 4NT for any number of reasons. Especially how it masquerades as CMD to folks who don't need to know different. :) Can't see how an SSD would make any difference but it's the only thing that's changed here and I'm really stumped.

Any thoughts or suggestions on this?


We do not support or recommend 4NT v8 (which is about 9 years old) in anything later than XP. Microsoft changed a number of the APIs, which prevents anything other than an elevated 4NT session from writing to the registry. (And in some cases, even an elevated session can't do it with the old API calls.)

4NT was renamed TCC in v9. We are currently on v17, which is fully supported in Windows 7 & 8.
SSD should have nothing to do with it. You might consider trying the free TCC/LE. It's missing a lot of the features in newer versions of Take Command, but I'm guessing it will do everything 4NT v8 did (and more). Plus you can get a 64-bit version.

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