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4NT8, WineConsole, and DOSBox

I am running 4NT8 in Wine 1.4 on XUbuntu 12.04, with DOSBox 0.73 installed.

This setup has been working quite well for me, but today I needed to run an actual DOS program, HTMSTRIP.EXE, from within a .BTM file.

Now, Wine is meant to run only Windows EXEcutables, but I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to run a DOS Program from 4NT8.

Amazingly, DOSBox was launched, and the DOS program was then run in DOSBox. I had to use;

start /wait /pgm htmstrip results.htm

in order for htmstrip to finish processing before continuing on with the remainder of the .BTM file.

I did some reading of the Wine Wiki, and discovered that DOSBox has been integrated into Wine. Not sure how this was accomplished, but it is a pretty neat feature.

Just sharing this in the event there are others who are moving away from the Microsoft Windows world, but would still like to continue to use the JPSoft Console, and proven DOS programs.