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Sorry if wrong forum, couldn't see 4nt8...I've just started running win 10 (was running xp!!) home and installed 4nt8. All my cmd files work fine except that keystack does not work (works fine on xp & win 7) - says 'cannot install hook'. Guess this is a 4nt problem with win 10. Tried tcc/le download and of course it works fine.

Anyone know why? Any idea on fix/workaround?
We don't support v8 on Windows 10. V8 is 11 years old and Microsoft has changed too many api's to make it feasible.

Thanks- is it really 11 years! Wasn't really expecting support, maybe just some idea for fix or workaround, since it does work on win 7 (can't check 8) which is relatively recent. Since everything else works afaik, wondered if is related to permissions, run as administrator etc since win 10 seems to be more picky about those.
There are two issues with v8 and Windows 10.

1. Win 10 changed the security requirements for a lot of api's. You can work around that by always running v8 elevated. But I don't recommend that.

2. Microsoft changed some critical api's. Different args, different results. There's no way to work around that.