64-bit Plugin development using PureBasic

I am attempting to generate a 64-bit TCC plugin template using PureBasic.

Back in 2011, @gwgaston provided a 32-bit PowerBasic solution for me, which allowed me to develop several plugins for 32-bit TCC.

(Bob Zale, owner and developer of PowerBasic, passed away in 2012, thus no 64-bit version of PowerBasic is available.)

What I have tried with PureBasic, so far, is not working properly.

I have posted the source code and issues I am having on the PureBasic Forum.

Is there any TCC user who uses PureBasic, and would be interested in the development of a TCC plugin template?

Thanks to the guidance of Mijikai at the PureBasic forum, I now have a working TCC Plugin Template, compile-able with PureBasic.

Import ""


ProcedureDLL.i InitializePlugin()
  ProcedureReturn #Null  

ProcedureDLL.i ShutdownPlugin(bEndProcess.b)
  ProcedureReturn #Null  

ProcedureDLL.i GetPluginInfo()
  Static DLLname.s
  Static DLLauth.s
  Static DLLmail.s
  Static DLLwww.s
  Static DLLdesc.s
  Static DLLfuns.s
  DLLname = "PBPlugin"
  DLLauth = "Joe Caverly"
  DLLmail = "jlcaverlyca@yahoo.ca"
  DLLwww  = "https://www.twitter.com/JoeC4281"
  DLLdesc = "TCC Plugin Template written using Purebasic"
  DLLfuns = "Dummy,@Reverse,@PlusOne,_hello"
  pi\pszDll         = @DLLname
  pi\pszAuthor      = @DLLauth
  pi\pszEmail       = @DLLmail
  pi\pszWWW         = @DLLwww
  pi\pszDescription = @DLLdesc
  pi\pszFunctions    = @DLLfuns
  pi\nMajor.l       = 2021
  pi\nMinor.l       = 08
  pi\nBuild.l       = 27

  ProcedureReturn @pi

; Command
ProcedureDLL.i Dummy(*lpszString)
  Static theString.s
  Static theValue.i
  theString = PeekS(*lpszString)
  If Len(theString) < 1
    wprintf("USAGE: Dummy <text>")
    theString = LTrim(RTrim(theString))
  ProcedureReturn #Null

; Function
ProcedureDLL.i f_Reverse(*lpszString)
  Static theString.s
  Static theValue.i
  theString = PeekS(*lpszString)
  theString = ReverseString(theString)
  ProcedureReturn #Null

; Function
ProcedureDLL.i f_PlusOne(*lpszString)
  Static theString.s
  Static theValue.i
  theString = PeekS(*lpszString)
  theValue = Val(theString)
  theValue = theValue + 1
  theString = Str(theValue)
  ProcedureReturn #Null

; Internal Variable
ProcedureDLL.i _hello(*lpszString)
  ProcedureReturn #Null

I've attached the PBPlugin (plugin.dll) to this message.

Here's a .BTM that I used to test the plugin;
@echo off
if plugin pbplugin plugin /u pbplugin
plugin /l plugin.dll
plugin /i PBPlugin
echo @Reverse: %@PBPlugin$Reverse[Today]
echo @PlusOne: %@PlusOne[27]
echo _hello  : %_hello
Dummy Test

Execution of said .BTM produced these results;
Module:      E:\Documents\PureBasic\tcc\2021-08-27\plugin.dll
Name:        PBPlugin
Author:      Joe Caverly
Email:       jlcaverlyca@yahoo.ca
Web:         https://www.twitter.com/JoeC4281
Description: TCC Plugin Template written using Purebasic
Implements:  Dummy,@Reverse,@PlusOne,_hello
Version:     2021.8  Build 27
@Reverse: yadoT
@PlusOne: 28
_hello  : Hello!

Lord willing, I can now make a 64-bit version of my dbase plugin!



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May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
Commodore BASIC here. According to Edsger Dijkstra, I am now mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.
Heehee! (again) I had to print out the Commodore's BASIC code for "African Safari" (or whatever it was called) to find out what the prize was and how to get it!
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May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
P.S., I wasn't a gamer then and I'm not one now (except for the more than occasional Solitaire, Freecell, and Winmine (all imported from Windows 7).
Aug 23, 2010
The Basic Programming languages of today are closer to C than the Basic of 30 years ago.
It's just somebody effortlessly renamed language constructs to appear as another language.
May 29, 2008
Groton, CT
Joe, the new DBF64 plugin is working well. I'd prefer comma as separator rather than space, but I could live with it the way it is.
May 29, 2008
Groton, CT

The @recsize function appears to be returning a wrong value. It looks like it's reading a single byte for the length and ignoring the higher order byte.
I have a .dbf where the record size is 637, but @recsize tells me 125: a difference of 512. So, as a result, %@record[dbfname,recno] does not return correct data.
May 29, 2008
Groton, CT
I'll be testing it more fully tomorrow, but a quick check against the file I reported in my bug report now shows the correct record length 637.
Thanks for the quick action.
Last edited:
May 29, 2008
Groton, CT
I've done quite a bit of testing and I've found no problem. Thanks for supplying this plugin.
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